Conventional Die Cast Tooling


Conventional die cast tooling comes in single cavities (one part each time) or multiple cavities (more than one part each time). Our conventional tooling process is designed with only two slides which can provide customers with production efficiency and lower cost.

When you working with us, you receive:

1. High quality built molds efficiently ready for high volume production.

2. More care and communication in the first begining on the design and tooling construction design support us to avoid secondary operations. Our mission is always to get the most efficient net shape in the begining.

3.Careful plan and stage one communication can eliminate some following machining process and can reduce costs for customers.

4. Our experiences predictive depreciation rate analysis extend the molds and dies life. Our engineers predict which part of the die may wear out faster and insert it as a separate piece of steel to make sure get more perfect products.

5. Carefully planned water and cooling lines ensure artwork-like appearance.

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