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Building and Security Monitoring Components

Building and Security Monitoring Components

custom smart lock metal panel zinc die casting


In the building industry, components regarding to traditional construction and components with more innovative design can be made of Zamak.

Doors handles, windows, openings and air conditioners made from Zamak are reliable, resistant and long lasting. In the new developing area of home automation and associated technologies, Zamak is considered to be the particularly suitable material for the production of electronic locks and automatic openings.

Allwell Cast is a one of the best full service zinc die casting manufacturer for small and medium size products. We have produced millions of zinc die casting components—from paper thin size to one kilogram in size.

Zinc alloy features:
• Good thermal conductivity
• Lower cost raw material
• High accuracy on dimension and stability
• High performance thin wall capability
• High strength and hardness
• Wonderful electrical conductivity
• Capable to cold form, which helps joining
• High quality surface finishing allowance
• Excellent corrosion and acid resistance
• Full recyclability

All the strength and hardness features of zinc allow itself to many more applications and it is the most suitable material for machined, pressed, fabricated and stamped spare parts in the building industry.

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