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3C Consumer Electronics

3C Consumer Electronics

What are 3C Consumer Electronics products?

3C means computer, communication and consumer electronics. 3C manufacturing industry is one of the most big and important industries all over the world. There are more than ten million working people in this industry only in China. The whole manufacturing process can be divided typically into four main parts: module supplier, assembly, testing and packaging, with the latter three parts still most dependent on human labors.

bluetooth earphone metal housing custom die casting
Customized bluetooth earphone outer metal case

As a die casting manufacturer with more than 20 years experience, we have the responsibility to make the whole manufacturing process of 3C products easier and more efficiently with less labor cost. Starting from the very beginning of design phase, our engineer team will communicate thoroughly with customers to generate the most smart metal parts design considering less labor cost in the following manufacturing operations.

Allwell cast can provide high quality and high precision metal components and metal outer case housing for Bluetooth speakers, ear phones, USB flash drive, microphone, micro motors and all the computer related products.

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