Surface finishing-quality


Surface finishing—it determines almost everything.

External surface plating or finishing should be applied to components if the parts require a decorative finish or corrosion resistance. Our luxury hand bag customers are always requesting us for chrome-plating effect to show the high quality of their bags. We can do Chrome-plating and regular painting by ourself and help customers to source other finishing requirements.


Below are several points to check if the finishing is good enough:


The appearance outlook checking:

The coating appearance should be consistent in color and crystalline; no blistering, peeling, pinholes, or scorching; no obvious roughness, burrs;no obvious water marks or fingerprints.


Coating thickness:

The plating thickness of the main surface should meet the customers requirements according to the contract and drawing.


Binding force:

The binding force test shall be carried out according to the method agreed by both parties. After the test, the coating and the substrate should stay together close and no delamination, peeling, or falling off. (We have many kinds of test methods such as friction polishing test, shot peening test, peeling test bending test, etc., for different plating parts and coatings).

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