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  Without the decoration of high-end exquisite hardware, any luxury brand bag will lose its luster and color. For bags, hardware is like eyes for human beings.

  With our experienced design team support, you can just drop off the concept you want, and we will design it for you.

  The materials used for our bag hardware are:Zinc alloy environmentally-friendly | Durable and stable chemical properties|Non-toxic|Acid-proof|Nickel-free|Lead-free|CA65, REACH, RohS standard.

  Brief introduction about high pressure die casting for 5G use SFP transceiver case:

  Die casting is a process that molten metal is injected into a metal mold under high pressure ranging from 10Mpa-210Mpa.

  This special process will generate a highly uniformed casting shape with exquisite surface finish and exceptional dimensional accuracy. Normally it will greatly reduce the following machining process required to polish the component. Allwell cast can offer either the cold chamber process or the hot chamber one.

  In the building industry, components regarding to traditional construction and components with more innovative design can be made of Zamak.

  Doors handles, windows, openings and air conditioners made from Zamak are reliable, resistant and long lasting. In the new developing area of home automation and associated technologies, Zamak is considered to be the particularly suitable material for the production of electronic locks and automatic openings.

  Photovoltaic systems that produce solar power are exposed to the harshest weather conditions for years. Any company who wants to ensure the safe, problem-free generation of clean electricity in the long term run must rely on the best quality of all the components of the system.

We, as a manufacturer of high precision metal parts, can guarantee precisely this quality.

We offer you long-standing supplier relationships and expertise which is unique in the selection of photovoltaic related metal components, such as solar module metal frames, PV mounting systems, high precision metal components inside solar inverters and smart tracks.

 We are eager and we are ready to work with you and do some contributions to our beautiful EART.

  Our advantage of metal components in the automotive industry:

  We have more than 20 years of custom metal parts experience with ISO 9001:2015 and SGS certification.

  Low MOQ and competitive price.

  Full check before shipment.

  High precision tolerance +/-0.008mm.

  High work efficiency.


  We could produce standard products, like DIN, JIS,ANSI,BS according to customers’ drawings or requirements.

  In order to demonstrate the brand high-end level, many brands are trying everything to find ways to make themselves more unique in terms of products and packaging. The use of metal zinc alloy die-cast perfume bottle caps can make the product more textured and make the brand image more luxury.

  Allwell cast has been supporting countless of brand holders to build up their brand image with high quality and well made zinc alloy caps.

  3C means computer, communication and consumer electronics. 3C manufacturing industry is one of the most big and important industries all over the world. There are more than ten million working people in this industry only in China.

  The whole manufacturing process can be divided typically into four main parts: module supplier, assembly, testing and packaging, with the latter three parts still most dependent on human labors.

  We use mechanical machines to make high end exquisive parts for our customers, and we provide high quality parts for mechanical machining manufacturing industries.

  With more than 20 years of experience, as your partner, we take a disciplined and collaborative simultaneous engineering communication with you in the product development cycle. We aim to reduce design and development time to manufacture the highest quality and innovative products at a lower cost.

  All Well Cast supports lighting, telecommunication systems and electrical components with more experience than any other die casting company in the industry in China.

  Our experience and fast response will give you advantages in these changing markets, where product launch timing can mean the difference between success and failure.

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