Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive Manufacturing




With extreme conditions and heavy loads, it is crucially important for electrical connections to work reliably. And connectors are playing an important role under such kind of circumstances. The demand for higher-quality connectors is increasing during these years, because of the growing application of electric green drives. 




Automotive connectors we are manufacturing have a wide variety of usage. ALLWELL casting offer a broad range of automotive connectors for different vehicle applications, including connectors/terminals for battery management systems, power electronics, headlight systems, and other applications such as assistance and security systems.

Zinc is a wonderful choice of alloy used as auto parts because it is hard, lightweight, unbending, non-sparking, and not corrosive. The vehicles have many zinc parts in them because they perform very well with cheaper price to make.

Here are some functions of die casting zinc automobile parts:

  1. The zinc housing case can be used to shield electronic components.
  2. Some zinc made buttons or buckles can enclose airbags, sensors, telematics, switches, and other sensitive equipments.
  3. Some constructive solid items are made from zinc die casting, such as lock barrels, seat belts, etc.
  4. For decoration purposes – metal chromplated decoration bars, finishes, and designs.

Manufacturing automobiles will definitely need die casting zinc metal parts. An automobile is built from thousands of components, many of which are made from zinc. Zinc can also be mixed with other alloys to reach detailed different purposes. There are many reasons why die castings are widely used for producing cars and other four-wheeled vehicle parts:


  • Cars are mass produced in factory and need many mechanisms, while die casting is a fast and dependable way to get metallic parts.
  • Die casting can be used in many ways and has the possibility to make parts in different sizes and shapes.
  • The finished goods and components are sturdy and very long-lasting.
  • It is not expensive to die cast car parts with zinc or aluminum material compared with other forms of production
  • Die casts are recyclable, non-toxic, and environment friendly.


Even though die casting zinc automobile parts is widely welcomed in this industry, the shaped quality still be decided by how the manufacturer handle the whole process. ALLWELL cast leverage our more than 20 years of experience, providing customers with high precision and well shaped automotive components.

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