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Solar Energy and PV related metal parts

Solar Energy and PV related metal parts

Snaps—also called snap hooks or spring hooks—are hooks with a spring snap in their ends to prevent the accidental unhooking of a rope, cord, or other targeted lines. Snap hooks are common but essential components in all kinds of industries, from dog leashes to handbag hooks.

Customized snap hooks for bags

Applications: What could snap hooks be used for?


Snaps can be applicable in a huge range of industries. For example:


Sports equipment. Snap hooks can keep tennis nets and volleyball net high level and tight up. In the baseball fields, facility managers will use them to hang up the netting behind home plate. Snap hooks can also be used to make sure the position of bird straps, rifle slings, or water skis. The usage in sports area are almost limitless.

Custom snap hooks for hanging up the nets

Dog leashes.  We offer a wide variety, different cost and quality levels of dog leash snap hooks. There are some factors to be considered when choosing a snap hook type for dog leashes. They are material, swivel or fixed, eye shape, and eye diameter.

custom snap hooks for dog leash

Handbag hardware snap hooks. With the development of the times, ladies who love beauty like to use bags as decorations and embellishments, which have become indispensable items in life. Many people prefer to buy a variety of bags to decorate themselves and make themselves happy. A well made and surfaced finished snap hook can make the handbag looks high end.

china factory bag hardware

Marine hardware. How can the Sailors live without snap hooks? They use snap hooks to attach to anchor chains, to connect safety chains, to secure equipment on board, or to secure vessels to docks.

small size custom marine use snap hooks
small size custom marine use snap hooks

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