Mechanical operations

A one-stop full service for your die casting needs and beyond.

The machining process of die cast parts must be considered well before making the tooling. A careful evaluation and efficient communication of machined requirements can lead to redesign for net shape die-casting or near-net shape with a reduced number of operations.

We can offer you professional technical proposals and cost-saving suggestions with our Design for Manufacturing and Feasibility Analysis.

Our CNC Milling Shop equips with ultra-precise CNC machines, like Mazak 7 axis and Haas 5 axis, their precision tolerance can up to 0.005mm.

We can have our products tested and inspectioned by high accuracy machines such as an X-ray detector, spectrometer, cleaning test lab, etc. The Carl Zeiss CMM-with automatic scanning function has a 0.001mm measuring precision.

We offer a 1-stop solution services to your required metal parts. Which includes anodizing, chrome plating, powder coating, wet painting, E-coat paint, silk printing, laser etching, etc.

Allwell uses horizontal 5-Axis machining processes with accurate precision and automation to achieve extremely tight tolerances on complicated parts.

High accuracy through integrated active temperature control.
High end Renishaw probing technology is applied for complex machining.
In-cycle part measurement with automatic offset correction.
Adaptive Machining, providing process feedback to minimize variation.
State of the art Fixturing design.


Other Service

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