Thin-wall technology

Custom 5G fiber optical module metal housing
Custom 5G fiber optical module metal housing


Thin-walled space structure, also called shell structure. Its thickness is much smaller than other dimensions (such as span), so it is called thin-walled. It belongs to the space force structure, mainly bears the axial pressure in the curved surface, and the bending moment is very small.


This technology is specially used for 5G optical module, which needs higher precision, thin shells and complex structure.


In order to produce small and light parts, thin-wall die casting molding technology is most in-demand to produce more accurate and exquisive parts.


“Thin wall” is usually defined by lightweight electronic parts with a wall thickness of less than 1mm.


For small metal components like 5G optical module case, we can achieve up to 0.008mm accuracy. In one word, thin-walled products require revisements in processing technology: higher pressure, high speed, shorter cooling time, and changes in the ejection and gate arrangement of the parts. All Well Cast crew has handled well of these technologies to develop higher accuracy fiber SFP module outer case cost effectively.

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