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Machinery And Automation Industrialization

Machinery And Automation Industrialization

  What is Machinery and industrial automation?



Machinery and industrial automation is the usage of control systems, for example computers or customized robots, also information technologies to handle different processes and machineries in an industry to replace a human being. It is the further step beyond mechanization in the range of industrialization.



The 4th industrial revolution is changing and revising manufacturing processes everyday with the use of automated controlled software and hardware.


By educating people and preparing the society with new skills, we can embrace automation better.


Custom metal components are crucially important for industrialization and automation industry. With the side basic components manufacturers support, we can embrace automation much better.


Unlike traditional stock metal fabrication processes, the custom fabrication process offers flexibility for manufacturing application-specific products. 


ALLWELL casting can adopt a flexible fabrication approach for the metal components in order to meet the specific requirements for various automation machines or robot arms customization. This approach will not only help both parties to design and manufacture application-specific parts, but also to ensure the quality and performance in a long run.


High Component Compatibility: 

We not only manufacturer your parts or components, we ensure you get satisfied and 100% compatibly elements to your finished product through efficient and transparent communication with our engineers.


Factors such as friction between two components, dimensional fit, and surface chemical reactions are also important in the whole processes. For example, the fabrication of a boiler cylinder and an insulation ring are the same. The inner diameter of the insulation ring must match the outer diameter of the cylinder and the inner diameter of the cylinder lid.




Increased Efficiency: 


From cradle to grave, after a discussion
with the client, we can select the material that compliments the desired
application. Sometimes a component can be manufactured in many ways by employing two or more processes. From molding, die casting, CNC process, EDM, Lathe machines, etc in house, we provide the maximum flexibilities to make your part come true more efficiently. 



Those are some of the key factors that influence the part quality for automation and machinery industry. The qualification, experience, and team communications make a huge difference in the final result. This whole process involves precise calculations, accurate designs, and considerat manufacturing practices. 

Therefore, one should always go for a reliable custom metal service provider like ALLWELL precision. We have been providing custom metal components manufacturing services for various industries like Solar Energy and PV High Precision, 5G Telecom Infrastructure, Automotive Manufacturing, 3C Consumer Electronics, Apparel and Fashion, Perfume Caps Luxury Use High Precision Building and Security Monitoring Components for many years. We have 2 main manufacturing sites to serve you anytime.



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