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Perfume Caps Luxury Use High Precision

Perfume Caps Luxury Use High Precision

In order to demonstrate the brand high-end level, many brands are trying everything to find ways to make themselves more unique in terms of products and packaging. The use of metal zinc alloy die-cast perfume bottle caps can make the product more textured and make the brand image more luxury.

Allwell cast has been supporting countless of brand holders to build up their brand image with high quality and well made zinc alloy caps.

Perfume Caps Die Casting Clients
Customized perfume and aroma theropy bottle caps die casting
Perfume Caps Die Casting

Here are brief introduction of 8 steps in the manufacturing process:

Design and drawing: this is the first step of all the communications. Customers can send us designs and drawings directly or we can draw for customers.

Molding: based on the requirements and drawings, we proceed the tooling and molding for the product.

Die-casting: we have different kinds of techniques and ways for die casting, for example, hot chamber or cold chamber, which depends on the different material and different situation.

Surface treatment: basic surface treatment is the most basic step for appearance treatment. It can make the following electroplating paint and other processes better presented with even and shining effect.

Polishing: it will be the intensive surface treatment process, and it will help the next metalizing step more favourably.

Metallizing: there has two kinds of finishing ways widely used. One is regular metallic, another one is high end galvanization-multi layer chrome plating. Both of them work well to make the caps shining and luxury. All the appropriate surface treatments can enhance the corrosion resistance ability.

Full inspection: this is one of the most important steps in whole manufacturing process to make sure customers get 100% exquisite high quality metal caps. They can pass Strict Quality Inspection Standards, such as SGS, Asia Inspection, etc. , so we can deliver you with top notch quality metal caps,

Packaging: we provide different options for keeping the perfume caps safely during long time shipment, including custom EVA, plastic tray, etc,. Particularly the custom EVA can fit the perfume cap very well.

Are you ready to custom your own alloy perfume cap?

Just feel free to contact us now! Our experienced designer team will communicate with you in the first step, and the engineer colleagues will combine the feasibility of production to ensure your design can come true successfully.


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